Unit 01 初识词汇



  • 【n】状态;情况;国;州
  • 【v】陈述;说明;规定


  • statute n. 法令;法规
  • manifestation n. 显示,表现;示威运动 fess speak
  • statistic n. 统计数值 adj. 统计的;统计学的
  • statistical adj. 统计的;统计学的
  • stationary adj. 固定的;静止的;不动的
  • statement n. ( 正式明确的口头或书面 ) 陈述,声明;( 意见或观点的 ) 表现,表达
  • understatement n. 保守陈述;不充分 的陈述;轻描淡写
  • overstate v. 夸张,夸大地叙述
  • statesman n. 政治家
  • estate n. 房地产;身份;财产
  • devastate v. 毁灭,毁坏
  • devastating adj. 毁灭性的;极具破坏力的
  • workstation n.工作台
  • status n. 地位;情形;状态


  • assert v. 坚称;断言;表明
  • affirm v. 断言;肯定;证实


  • 【adj】公众的;公共的;公开的
  • 【n】 公众,民众


  • publication n. 出版;发行;出版物;发行物;公布;发布
  • republican adj. 共和国的;共和政体的;(美国)共和党的;支持共和党的 n. 拥护共和政体者;共和主义者
  • publicity n. 公众信息;宣传;公之于众的状况
  • publicize v. 公开
  • publicized adj. 公开的
  • publicly adv. 公共地;公开地;公众地


  • in public:公开地,当众


  • mass n. 民众;大量
  • civil adj. 公民的


  • 【n】 法律;法令;法规;规律;定律


  • claw n. 爪;螯;钳;爪形器具 v. 用爪抓(或挖)
  • lawful adj. 合法的;法定的;法律许可的
  • lawsuit n. 诉讼;诉讼案件


  • flaw n. 瑕疵;裂纹;缺点 v. 使破裂;使有缺陷
  • lawyer n. 律师;法学家


  • legislation n. 法律;法规


  • 【v】 意味着,即是;意指,意思是说;打算,意欲;意义重大
  • 【adj】吝啬的;刻薄的;破旧的
  • 【n】平均值;平均数


  • meaning n. 意义,含义
  • well-meaning adj. 善意的;好心的
  • meaningless adj. 没有意义的;不重要的;无价值的
  • meaningfully adv.有意图地;有意义地;重要地
  • means n. 方法;手段
  • meanwhile adv. 同时;其间


  • by means of:用;依靠
  • by no means:绝不;一点也不


  • indicate v. 表明;暗示;象征;反映
  • implication n. 可能引发的后果;暗示;含意


  • 【n】影响;感化;势力,权势
  • 【v】影响;感化


  • influential adj. 有影响力的;有势力的 n. 影响者;有势力的人


  • impact n.碰撞;撞击;影响 v.撞击;碰撞;(对……)产生影响
  • have an impact on
  • brace for impact


  • 【v】居住;生活;生存;以……为生;留存;铭记
  • 【n】生命;生活
  • 【adj】活的;有生命的;现场演出的


  • alive a.活着的
  • deliver v. 发表 ( 讲话);递送;接生 ( 婴儿 )
  • delivery n. 分娩;投递;讲话方式
  • outlive v.比……活得长;比……经久


  • liveliness n. 活力
  • livelihood n. 生计;生活


  • live off 依赖……生活,依赖


  • dwell v. 居住于;存在于
  • reside v. 定居于;属于
  • survive v. 幸存;比……活得长
  • survival n. 生存;幸存
  • inhabit v. 居住于
  • settle v. 使定居

federal 【adj】联邦的


  • federation n. 联邦制国家;联邦;(社团或组织的)同盟;联盟;联合会


  • FBI:联邦调查局 (Federal Bureau of Investigation)
  • CIA:中央情报局 (Central Intelligence Agency)


  • 【adj】大的; 广大的;大量的


  • largely adv. 主要地;大体上地;大量地
  • enlarge v. 扩大;放大;扩充


  • at large 一般;全体地;普遍地;在外游走的(逃犯、猫。。。)


  • bulky adj. 庞大的;体积大的
  • outsize adj. 特大的
  • huge adj. 庞大的


  • 【v】 做标记;指出;标明;在( 商品 ) 上贴价格 ( 或质量等) 的标签、
  • 【n】 痕迹;斑点;污点;记号;符号;( 考试等 ) 分数


  • market n. 市场;行情 v. 推销;营销
  • marketplace n.市集;商场;市场
  • marked adj. 显著的,明显的;有记号的


  • marketer n. 市场商人;市场营销人员
  • remark v.评论;谈到 n.评论;话语;注意;观察
  • remarkable adj. 卓越的;非凡的;辉煌的
  • landmark n. 地标;里程碑;转折点 adj. 有重大意义或影响的
  • market n. 市场;行情 v. 推销;营销
  • marketplace n.市集;商场;市场
  • marked adj. 显著的,明显的;有记号的


  • blot n. 污点
  • spot n. 点;斑点
  • stain n. 污迹;污渍 v. 玷污;污染
  • symbol n. 象征;标志


  • 【n】系统;体制


  • systematic adj.有系统的;系统化的
  • systematically adv. 系统地;有条理地


  • regime n. 政权;政体( 指非民主且统治手段不被认可的政府或政权体系 );管理制度;组织方法;养生法
  • organization n.组织;机构;团体
  • structure n. 结构;构造;组织


  • 【v】 强调;着重
  • 【n】压力;强调;重点;着重;重音;( 物 )应力


  • stressed-out 因心理紧张而被压垮的


  • highlight v. 强调;突出
  • emphasize v. 强调
  • strain v. 使不堪承受;使紧张;拉伤;扭伤 n. 压力;负担;重负


state [n] 状态,情况

  • 2007 年阅读 Text 4
  • The current state of affairs may have been encouraged—though not justified—by the lack of legal penalty (in America, but not Europe) for data leakage.

statistical adj. 统计的;统计学的

  • 2007 年阅读 Text 2
  • Superhigh scores like vos Savant’s are no longer possible, because scoring is now based on a statistical population distribution among age peers.

statement n. ( 正式的口头或书面 ) 陈述,声明; ( 意见或观点的 ) 表现,表达

  • 2012 年阅读 text 2
  • A string of accidents, including the partial collapse of a cooling tower in 2007 and the discovery of an underground pipe system leakage, raised serious questions about both Vermont Yankee’s safety and Entergy’s management especially after the company made misleading statements about the pipe.

overstate v. 夸张,夸大地叙述

  • 2010年阅读 Text 4
  • It was banks that were on the wrong planet, with accounts that vastly overvalued assets. Today they argue that market prices overstate losses, because they largely reflect the temporary illiquidity of markets, not the likely extent of bad debts.

status [n]地位

  • 2013年阅读 Text 4
  • However, the Justices said that Arizona police would be allowed to verify the legal status of people who come in contact with law enforcement.

assert v. 坚称;断言;表明

  • 2013年阅读 Text 4
  • The administration was in essence asserting that because it didn’t want to carry out Congress’s immigration wishes, no state should be allowed to do so either.

publication n. 出版;发行;出版物;公布

  • 2013 年阅读 Text 3
  • That’s one reason why we have launched Arc, a new publication dedicated to the near future.

Republican [adj] ( 美国 ) 共和党的

  • 2012 年阅读 Text 4
  • In Wisconsin the unions have rallied thousands of supporters against Scott Walker, the hard-line Republican governor.

flaw n. 瑕疵;缺点

  • 2006年阅读新题型
  • Pushed by science, or what claims to be science, society is reclassifying what once were considered character flaws or moral failings as personality disorders akin to physical disabilities.

meaningless adj. 没有意义的;不重要的

  • 2006年阅读 Text 4
  • But somewhere from the 19th century onward, more artists began seeing happiness as meaningless, phony or, worst of all, boring, as we went from Wordsworth’s daffodils to Baudelaire’s flowers of evil.

meaningfully adv. 有意图地;有意义地;重要地

  • 2007年阅读 Text 1
  • And the best way to learn how to encode information meaningfully, Ericsson determined, was a process known as deliberate practice. Deliberate practice entails more than simply repeating a task. Rather, it involves setting specific goals, obtaining immediate feedback and concentrating as much on technique as on outcome.

live [adj] 现场演出的

  • 2011年阅读 Text 1
  • These recordings are cheap, available everywhere, and very often much higher inartistic quality than today’s live performances; moreover, they can be “consumed” at a time and place of the listener’s choosing.

live off:依赖……生活,依赖

  • 2006年阅读 Text 2
  • And there are the townsfolk who largely live off the tourists who come, not to see the plays, but to look at Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, Shakespeare’s birthplace and the other sights.

federal 联邦的

  • 2013 年阅读 Text 4
  • In Arizona v. United States, the majority overturned three of the four contested provisions of Arizona’s controversial plan to have state and local police enforce federal immigration law.

mark [v] 在(商品)上贴价格(或质量等)标签

  • 2010 年阅读 Text 4
  • America’s new plan to buy up toxic assets will not work unless banks mark assets to levels which buyers find attractive.

marked adj. 显著的,明显的;有记号的

  • 2014年翻译 There is a marked difference between the education which every one gets from living with others, and the deliberate educating of the young.

systematically adv. 系统地;有条理地

  • 2009年阅读 Text 2
  • Databases used by some companies don’t rely on data collected systematically but rather lump together information from different research projects.

stress [v] 强调

  • 2014 年阅读 Text 4
  • Because representative government presupposes an informed citizenry, the report supports full literacy; stresses the study of history and government, particularly American history and American government; and encourages the use of new digital technologies.


  • 2008年阅读 Text 1
  • In several of the studies, when stressed-out female rats had their ovaries (the female reproductive organs) removed, their chemical responses became equal to those of the males.


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